Molly Hatchet, Root Jack

When: Sun., Feb. 24, 8 p.m. 2013

My memories of Molly Hatchet have zero to do with their music and everything to do with those Frank Frazetta-inked album covers, depicting muscular sword-wielding warriors perched atop armored stallions. They looked bitchin' on both vinyl jackets and jean jackets. I have to admit when I finally heard the band's best-known cut, "Flirtin' with Disaster," it was kind of a letdown. To use an analogy that captures the spirit of the band's music: The carpet didn't match the drapes. Molly Hatchet's classic-rock Southern-boogie is boozy fun, though, if mostly forgettable and forever yellowed by cigarette smoke. I'm sure whichever lineup Molly Hatchet rolls out tonight will capture that in spades. MARK LORE

Price: $20-22

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