Mount Eerie, Ashley Eriksson, Like a Villain

When: Thu., April 11, 9 p.m. 2013

Mount Eerie takes effort. Phil Elverum's fragile vocals seem to be the only constant among his evolving and academic albums. I admit that I had to try to get past the feeling that his music is over my head. But it was ultimately worth it. Because each album, no matter how disparate, is built on the same bedrock of warmth, of seeking connections in a confusing world. Another unifying factor is the Pacific Northwest. Elverum is from Anacortes, and on last year's two LPs, Ocean Roar and Clear Moon, he explores two sides of his island. On Clear Moon, anxiously ambient overlapping layers of guitar evoke an environment that is fertile and soothing, with an awareness of viciousness and transience. With thick, dark drones, big guitars, and organs, Ocean's Roar is a more straightforward interpretation of the Pacific. Opening are Ashley Eriksson, of Olympia-based pop band LAKE, and the unsettling and pristine Like a Villain. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $8-10

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