Fred Armisen

When: Thu., Sept. 5, 9 p.m. 2013


While he's been around since the punk explosion, the aptly named Ian Rubbish is practically a parody of the genre. His razor-thin discography—try to find a record store in this town that carries any of his back catalog—could practically be filed in the novelty bin. His now-infamous Margaret Thatcher songs are just the tip of a tepid iceberg. Look at dreck like 1981's Flat Soda; or the regrettable dub-infused single he recorded in 1987 with bassist Jop Wibble, "Nice Time Innit?"; or even 1998's laughable Bacharach collaboration, It Were Like That When I Got 'Ere. Compared to the vitality of his class-of-'77 peers, it's apparent that Rubbish is a fraud, a veritable caricature of what punk rock stands for. STIV BOILS

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