Neurosis, Atriarch, Tragedy, The Body

When: Sat., Nov. 23, 8 p.m. 2013


When Neurosis comes to town—and that hasn't been often in the past several years, regardless of what town you're in—it's closer to a capital E Event than a regular ol' show. Every few years they put out a new record, and in between albums they play random smatterings of shows. It's a process as methodical and deliberate as their music, a sound that serves as the primary reference point for any band that's ever been called "post-metal," while more than a few bands have done well for themselves by just aping the Neurosis sound (see: Isis). The undercard makes this even more of a happening: The recent Portland transplants of doomy duo the Body open, joined by Atriarch's metal-infused death rock and Tragedy's punishing crust punk. MATTHEW W. SULLIVAN

Price: $25

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