Off!, Negative Approach, Bad Antics

When: Mon., Feb. 11, 8:30 p.m. 2013

It was sweet on many levels when OFF! released their self-titled debut LP last year. Hearing punk rock so primal and pissy, where substance trumped style, was as refreshing as a urine cake on a Saturday night. Not to mention the band was fronted by OG Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris, a guy who's probably three times the age of most kids who call what they do punk. Morris is still pissed. It doesn't even matter how, or why—just know that he's going to spit one-minute fireballs of pure punk vitriol all night long. When Morris sings, "You think you're the king of the scene that you created" in "I Got News for You," it's just another way of saying, "Get off my lawn!" And you better listen. MARK LORE

Price: $13



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