Onuinu, Phone Call, Dutty Wilderness

When: Sat., Feb. 9, 8:30 p.m. 2013


Like all musical rages, the disco-pop trend has had varying results, many of which have been annoying. As Onuinu, Dorian Duvall is at the top of the genre—and it seems likely to last. For one thing, you get the feeling that he's in it for reasons other than sexy clothes and the fun of copying beats from much-loved songs that are four decades old. Duvall is a craftsman, and the breadth of his knowledge deepens his dance confections so that they become truly interesting rather than merely enjoyable. His first full-length, Mirror Gazer, is definitely a dance album, but its bouncy beats and addictive melodies are awash in synth effects that range from dreamy and new age to something along the lines of Toro y Moi. The album's standout, "Always Awkward," epitomizes everything that's best about Onuinu: the sexiness of Duvall's voice, rock-solid songwriting, and detail-oriented production. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $8-10

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