Pheasant, Summer Cannibals, Fanno Creek

When: Thu., March 28, 9 p.m. 2013


Just over a year ago, Pheasant released Black Field, their laidback debut. Its sloppy guitars fused pleasantly with horns, and Matt Jenkins' husky voice delivered easy, pastoral lyrics. It's an old-sweater kind of album: It wears well and its imperfections make it more likeable, but it may have gotten lost behind shinier options. For their second album, Pheasant had a choice: They could go for chiming, pristine folk rock, or they could embrace the garage rock that jangled just beneath the surface of Black Field. Wisely, they chose the latter. Gravel Beach is sharper around the edges, with the more refined sound of a band that's come into its own. Its sound is jagged and naughtier; there seems to be the same number of instruments, but the sound is generally slimmer. Even the slower, folkier songs ("Country Young" and "Debtors") are less sunny. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $6

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