Portland Metal Winter Olympics

Zirakzigil, Disenchanter, Satyress

When: Sat., March 29, 9 p.m. 2014

While the closing ceremony for the Sochi Olympics was a month ago, there's still one more gold medal to award—in the Portland Metal Winter Olympics. The single-elimination, battle-of-the-bands tournament has been ramping up to a conclusion since beginning in January, with the competition pitting two local metal bands against each other weekly. Tonight, the three final contenders vie for the gold. In one corner is the extra-nerdy prog-metal of Zirakzigil, whose Tolkien-referencing EP Battle of the Peak comes in a cassette packaged to look like a Super Nintendo cartridge. In another corner is the doom-metal of Disenchanter, whose EP On Through Portals is a time warp straight to the '70s. And in the third corner: Satyress, whose Dark Fortunes is a heavy, doomy nightride, captained by vocalist Jamie LaRose. May the best, evilest band win. MATTHEW W. SULLIVAN

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