Red Jacket Mine, The My Oh Mys, Lone Madrone

When: Wed., April 17, 9 p.m. 2013

Red Jacket Mine's third album is called Someone Else's Cake, a nice turn of phrase that matches the buttercream polish of its production. It's an effortlessly likeable album because it's so apparent that these guys spent their teen years listening to upbeat pop by the Minus 5 and Steely Dan. Lincoln Barr's soulful voice is perfectly suited to his storytelling lyrics. Meanwhile, the My Oh Mys' first full-length album is rock 'n' roll for a midlife crisis, or for those times when you strongly suspect you've let yourself down in a big way. Existential moments lend themselves to good art, mostly by men (see: Bellow, Updike, Springsteen, Tweedy), and A Howl Against the Wind is a respectable addition to the canon of male anxiety. The album sounds familiar, with a wall of guitars, drums, and bass—music so straightforward that it transcends decades, but so well produced that nothing seems overdone. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $5

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