Sama Dams, Walter Mitty & his Makeshift Orchestra, Tianamen Bear and Amenta Abioto

Sama Dams, Walter Mitty & his Makeshift Orchestra, Tiananmen Bear, Amenta Abioto

When: Fri., March 1, 8:30 p.m. 2013


Sama Dams is a band who, despite your go-to thought, is not named after the former mayor of this city. A different guy named Sam Adams is the central singer and guitarist of the band, which started as a solo project and has evolved into a multi-faceted, highly textured, and intricate sound, reminiscent of Radiohead and Dirty Projectors. The addition of Lisa Adams (keys, vocals) and Chris Hermsen (drums), combined with Sam's cathartic vocals—which range from slight whispers to skewed, surprising tonal yelps—never cease to bring the audience to a moment of awe and appreciation of their experimental, ghostly compositions. RACHEL MILBAUER

Price: $5

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