Schoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, Vince Staples

When: Sun., April 13 2014


Schoolboy Q has called his major label debut Oxymoron alternately "classic" and "crazy." Time will tell whether the former label sticks, but the latter should be apparent to anyone following current trends in hiphop. Conceived with a cadre of producers including Pharrell, de facto Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator, and trap-leaning DJ Dahl, the album is stylistically daring, including touches of house music, a bit of Wu Tang grit, and tracks that feel as if they were conceived on Jordan Belfort-like doses of Quaaludes. Schoolboy is nimble enough to respond to each turn, leaning in to the skids, bringing to life his tales of drug slinging and his rise to the top of the rhyme game. ROBERT HAM

Price: $25-30

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