Sir Richard Bishop, Audios Amigos, Ben Von Wildenhaus

When: Fri., Jan. 11, 9 p.m. 2013


For more than 30 years, including 28 as a member of Sun City Girls, Sir Richard Bishop has explored new worlds with each otherworldly new release. At the same time, there's no mistaking it's him. The guitarist remains prolific, too, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering his proclivity for mining the cultural and historical fabric of America and beyond. A typical Bishop release can include spaghetti-western picking and Hindi-influenced strums all within minutes of each other. At times it's tuneful, at others a little more abstract. At the end of the day you get the impression that Sir Richard is just in it for himself. Luckily, we reap the benefits. MARK LORE

Price: $10-12

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