Sleigh Bells, Doldrums

When: Fri., Oct. 11, 9 p.m. 2013

Sleigh Bells' debut album Treats was a revelation, blending teeny-bopper pop and brawny metal riffs. Probably because of that blend, the duo of Alexis Krause and former Poison the Well guitarist Derek Miller have also offered plenty of flat-out annoying tunes over the course of three albums, including the just-released Bitter Rivals. But there are just as many life-affirming moments in the Andrew WK-style party-slammers, too. The new album leans a little closer to a pop sheen, but not so much that Sleigh Bells can't invert the whole thing into a fist-pumping piece of mosh-pit bait. They're still sometimes really, really annoying, though. MATTHEW W. SULLIVAN

Price: $22.50-32.50

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