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Tomorrow's Parties—Today!



Hopefully, after spending all your dough on presents and nearing the brink of broke, you found a little green in your stocking. If you're extra lucky, you're reading this before Christmas and you've still got cash to spare (I hate you) for hunting down something new to wear to all those parties leading up to Christmas and New Year's. Either way, it's finally time to start thinking of the things you need again, and of new beginnings, and first impressions...

At least 65% of the point of going to parties (95% if you're single) is to meet people. So by all means, look your best. Happily, Portland's exceptionally good shopping scene brings you plenty of options. Boys too! Pictured here are an Adam Arnold shirt and tie from Seaplane (827 NW 23rd), and a Harkham dress at The English Department (724 NW 23rd) that screams class.

If you want to make yourself about four times as handsome as you already are, wear a tie, guys. I'm serious. Portland girls are so unaccustomed to it, they will either pass out in shock or simply swoon into your arms.

And ladies—put those legwarmers and ironic vintage loafers where they belong: the garbage. Better boutiques all over town are stocking some incredible, sophisticated dresses this time of year. If you want something more youthful, check out the funky one-of-a-kinds at Seaplane from local names like Linea and Church + State, and if you'd prefer something more European, head over to Una (2802 SE Ankeny).

Local boutique buyers—like those who stock the shops on NW 23rd—are showing some real inspiration this year. So what I want for Christmas is for Portland (AKA you) to step up and meet them. And my New Year's resolution is going to be to get on your case about it every week in this here column! See you at all tomorrow's parties...

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