Sometimes a Great Notion

Peaking Lights, The Emergency, Pulse Emitter, Rake Wickman, ?Redo From Start, Das Butcher, Worng, Psych Stoner Club Curation, Melting Man, Jeffrey Jerusalem, Strangled Darlings, Louis Inglis

When: Sun., July 29, 12 p.m. 2012


Peaking Lights gently bobbed into consciousness with the release of 2011's psychedelic-dub day-brightener, 936, for Not Not Fun Records. On their Facebook page, members Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis claim to live in "epic vibeland," and such whimsical jocularity glimmers in their sound. Peaking Lights flirt with cutesy/sunshiny sweetness—particularly regarding Dunis' blithe intonations and chants—but their delayed, chiming guitars, rubbery bass lines, and loping, hydroponic rhythms ultimately keep the high-fructose corn syrup at bay. The new Lucifer full-length tilts into deeper, more blissful kosmische territory and includes a beautiful, gamelan-like Steve Reich homage in "Moonrise." It's one of the feel-great releases of 2012. DAVE SEGAL Also see My, What a Busy Week!

Price: $25-55

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