Terror, Bane, Backtrack, Code Orange Kids, Young Turks

When: Sat., Feb. 16, 7 p.m. 2013

A friend of mine was so impressed by a Code Orange Kids set that he called me immediately after it had ended just to rave about them. I guess I came off as disinterested, but realistically I was half-asleep. "I know you don't really like hardcore," I remember him saying condescendingly, "but you should really check them out regardless. There are aspects of it you might be able to appreciate." Connoisseurs of the genre, like my friend, tend to believe that anyone who doesn't live and breathe hardcore must just dismiss it all as machismo-fueled prattle. And it's true: I am sensitive. Moreover, hardcore is artistically irrelevant. But the reason I'm skeptical is because most of it just plain sucks. Code Orange Kids essentially fall into the "extremely stupid" category, but there actually are aspects of it I appreciate—specifically, the subtle Ritchie Blackmore appropriation and the fact that this youthful fury is being generated by real youth (the members are all technically—not just emotionally—teenagers). MORGAN TROPER

Price: $15

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