The Cave Singers, Poor Moon, Rose Windows

When: Thu., Dec. 6, 9 p.m. 2012

"Have to Pretend," the brand-new song from the Cave Singers—from their upcoming album Naomi (due out on Jagjaguwar in March)—continues their stream of taking familiar, even threadbare folk and rock elements and coming up with something fresh. With an odd, incomplete-sounding guitar riff, singer Pete Quirk's tenor bark, and little else, "Have to Pretend" is a choppy, dirt-covered mover that, sure enough, becomes an unlikely single. Since their inception in 2007, the Cave Singers have grown from a mellow, candlelit, old-weird-folk act into a shit-kicking live band, and a blessedly idiosyncratic one at that. "Have to Pretend," for all its rough edges, is proof of the jagged songwriting chops that have made all three of their records—and presumably the forthcoming fourth one as well—worth listening to in full. NED LANNAMANN

Price: $16-18

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