The Coup, Luck-One, Cloudy October

When: Sat., June 15, 9 p.m. 2013


Though some may have only just heard of the Coup from their latest video (featuring Patton Oswalt), the Coup has been slaying tracks since the golden age of hiphop. Their latest album, Sorry to Bother You, is a concept album, containing politically charged tracks that vary in sound from Daft Punk-y dance jams to psychedelic funk-rock. The Coup provides a beautiful blend of soulful, percussive music, with furious poetry that could keep anybody on their toes. Where the usual hiphop acts can get tiring after you've seen one too many rappers uttering gibberish against the usual squigidy-squigidy sounds from the DJ, the Coup's live band and dystopian Mod Squad look promise a compelling performance. ROSE FINN

Price: $15-17

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