The GrandMothers of Invention

When: Thu., July 18, 8 p.m. 2013


Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention were some of rock's most outré freaks of the super-freaky '60s and '70s. Some folks will never tire of reliving those memories of wild-haired shenanigans where weird rock sweatily embraced political and cultural satire. Which brings us to the Grandmothers of Invention. Now featuring keyboard wizard Don Preston and vocalist/saxophonist/flautist Napoleon Murphy Brock, GOI will perform One Size Fits All in its entirety, plus favorites from Bongo Fury, Overnite Sensation, Uncle Meat, Roxy & Elsewhere, and We're Only in It for the Money. Zappa's been dead for two decades, but if you want the best live representation of his classic tunes now, go see GOI. (By the way, check out Sub Rosa's recent archival dig of Preston's innovative keyboard work, Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-75.) DAVE SEGAL

Price: $22-25

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