The Melodic, Song Preservation Society, Josh & Mer

When: Mon., July 8, 8 p.m. 2013


It would be misleading to make too much—as their record label does—of the Melodic's penchant for African folk. Fortunately, the British up-and-comers don't need niche genres to sell themselves. Case in point: They are touring America on the tails of their very first EP, On My Way, which means they must be doing something right. Their charming man/woman vocals and creative instrumentations have an experimental jauntiness that calls to mind their countrymen Tunng more than anything from Africa. Song Preservation Society are an LA-based trio specializing in somber Simon and Garfunkelesque melodies. This is meaningful music, the antithesis of say, Bruno Mars, with careful lyrics and acoustic guitars that make your heart lurch unexpectedly to your throat. Still, they don't rely solely on pathos to turn heads. The instrumentation on songs like "Stars" is surprisingly muscular, adding drama and mystery that puts them far from the open mic crowd. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $8-10

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