The Menzingers, Off With Their Heads, Broadway Calls, Lee Corey Oswald

When: Wed., Feb. 5, 7 p.m. 2014

The Menzingers' first album for Epitaph, 2012's On the Impossible Past, remains a brightly burning candle that may not ever go out. The Scranton (it is a real place!), Pennsylvania, four-piece makes punk that's laced with the kind of sugar-blast hooks that you'll find in bowls of brightly colored cereal, and the sort of sweat-stained, ragged melodies you'll find on Bruce Springsteen's ass bandana. In other words, the Menzingers' loveable, hyperactive pop cultivates true, deep-down affection. Tonight's all-ages crowd will no doubt be filled with kids (and more than a fair share of grinning grownups, too) who can howl along to every refrain of "I will fuck this up/I fucking know it" from "The Obituaries." If you're not one of them yet, one listen to On the Impossible Past might just convert you. NED LANNAMANN

Price: $12



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