The Moondoggies, Mirah, Shenandoah Davis

When: Fri., April 19, 9 p.m. 2013


For some reason Mirah is opening for the Moondoggies—a strange development following her recent move to Brooklyn after more than a decade in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of the lineup, it's good to have her back. It's been two years since Thao and Mirah and four since the transcendent (A)spera. What this means, clearly, is that it's high time for a new Mirah album. Her generosity and kindheartedness shine through a genre-spanning catalog as much as in her collaborations with Thao Nguyen and Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie. She's often at her best when collaborating, and that's saying a lot: She's a much better singer than most singer/songwriters, but the reason she packs a room is probably because her lyrics have a way of gripping the shit out of your brain. And even at her most somber and weird, even when her voice sounds ghostly and cold, there's a feeling of giddy experimentation. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $12-15

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