The Shook Twins, Lost Lander, Bike Thief

When: Fri., March 29, 8 p.m. 2013

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Shook Twins have a lot going for them: eerie harmonies, brazenly good voices, and an ability to recruit fantastic musicians. The thing is, it's asking a lot of an audience to cope with more than one layer of nostalgia at a time. They sound like folk musicians of the '60s, who were aping musicians from the '30s, who were playing 50-year-old songs—it's a sonic rabbit hole that is ultimately unsustainable. I hope that soon they hitch their wagon to a band with stellar songwriters—a band like billmates Lost Lander, for example. Like Shook Twins, nobody can accuse Lost Lander of not taking themselves seriously. They too are earnest, with a spine-tingling vocalist and excellent musicians. But they are their own deal, epic and thrilling and unlike anything else. There is passion in Matt Sheehy's voice, but it's not the kind that sets your teeth on edge. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $12-14

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