The Singley/Fimbres Orchestra

When: Sat., Aug. 10, 8 p.m. 2013

Both Papi Fimbres and Alan Singley have been fixtures of this music scene for years: Fimbres has made a name for himself performing with a nearly overwhelming variety of bands, including O Bruxo, Paper/Upper/Cuts and most recently Sun Angle. Singley—who's back after a recent stint in Florida—is known for his work as an immensely gifted arranger-for-hire and principal songwriter in his Burt Bacha-rock band Pants Machine. It's only fitting that the two would collaborate, and it's similarly unsurprising that the new vehicle for the two musicians, dubbed simply Singley/Fimbres Orchestra, defies convention. While the midi-based demos on the group's Soundcloud likely don't do the compositions justice, one can nonetheless deduce loads of glorious weirdness just from a cursory listen, not to mention a dense melodicism, and a definitively tropical bent that both artists are so obviously fond of as individuals. Fimbres and Singley intend to play only one show and then call it a day—so don't miss this. MORGAN TROPER

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