Shelley Salant, The Woolen Men

When: Tue., Jan. 28, 8 p.m. 2014


Shelley Salant is a music-scene mover and shaker from Ann Arbor who's won the hearts of DIY-minded folks far and wide for her tireless work supporting bands and shows in her home region. She's also a musician; she has played in indie bands like Tyvek and Saturday Looks Good to Me, and she's currently touring the West Coast behind In a Cloud, the debut album of her solo project, Shells. On it, Salant unfurls nine lo-fi psalms of meditative, reverberant electric guitar, each built around a pattern of notes that act as a foundation for her groggy, addictive tunes. In a Cloud feels like a companion piece to Drifter's Temple, the excellent 2013 album from Portland psych-folk act Plankton Wat. Except with Shells, it's not desert canyons that fuel these transportive jams, but afternoon daydreaming under the slate skies of winter. BEN SALMON

Price: $2-5

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