Toadies, Helmet, Ume

When: Tue., Oct. 30, 8 p.m. 2012


The easy critique to make about both Toadies and Helmet is also probably the dumbest: that their '90s heyday is currently being co-opted by kids born in that decade, leading to renewed interest in packaged reunion-type tours. Problem is, neither band ever really went anywhere. Helmet's Page Hamilton remains a consistent contributor to film soundtracks, as well as flying the (lineup-shaky) Helmet flag on world tours year in and out. The band's angular alt-metal chug went on to influence a lot of bands who became terrible third-wave '90s rockers, of which Toadies is not one. While Toadies did have a significant hiatus (2001-2005), their new album Play.Rock.Music is an understated punky bust-up, belching forth smart guitar interplay and Todd Lewis' typically brazen vocals. Along with Ume opening (do yourself a favor and arrive early), this is a night of generational bridging not to avoid. RYAN J. PRADO

Price: $20

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