Tyrants, Timmy the Terror & The Winter Coats, Flesh Lawn, DJ Matt Scaphism

When: Thu., May 24, 9:30 p.m. 2012


It's sad but true that few bands are as interesting to watch as they are to hear, but the local lads of Tyrants are a welcome exception. The drummer lurks as he beats the living shit out of a single snare, bringing an eerie syncopation to every song. The vocalist/guitar player often breaks the plane of the stage edge and creeps toward the audience, as he shreds menacingly and howls into the mic. The bass player paces with agitation as he coaxes thudding riffs, and recent addition Nate (of Rib Cages) gives hell to all six strings of his guitar. Appearances aside, Tyrants wreak sonic havoc with short blasts of songs that destroy conventional rock sounds from within. Rumor has it the band's first 7-inch is on the way, although the change in the lineup suggests new recordings should be made posthaste. MARANDA BISH

Price: $3

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