Wild Ones, Genders, Paper Brain

When: Sat., Jan. 26, 8 p.m. 2013


I'm still holding out for Wild Ones. It's been almost a year since they were playing as frequently as I'd like them to, but they're back with a batch of new live shows. Hopefully that time off the stage has meant perfecting this new record and music video I keep hearing about. Their You're a Winner EP from 2011 is earnestly adorable synth-pop, but I'm expecting something deeper and more intricate after such a hiatus. As for Genders, they cannot be stopped. They are steadily winning over and inspiring everyone around them. It might seem like standard beach-pop at first, but there's a depth in the songwriting and a power in the delivery that keeps your eyes wide. There's also something to be said for a four-piece that really works as a team; although the lead vocals are strong, they're intertwined rather than sitting on top of the mix, offering a more compelling sound overall. ROCHELLE HUNTER

Price: $7

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