Wildlife, Albatross

When: Sat., Nov. 17, 9 p.m. 2012


Wildlife's Strike Hard, Young Diamond came out two years ago, soaking wet with contemporary Canada. Visceral first takes, synths shouldered up against guitars, yelps in between the grandiose, so on and so forth. Putting a finger on them isn't the takeaway, though—it's the fact that they offer something highly familiar while still nourishing a nascent desire within the listener's ear. I've found myself listening to "Sea Dreamer," the second track from Strike Hard, multiple times on end. Is it Wolf Parade? Not quite, but close—and still "not quite" enough to undermine that closeness. Opinions aside, the first 10 seconds of any track off SHYD are electric enough to push curiosity into pursuit. JONATHAN MAGDALENO

Price: $10

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