The Windsor Player

When: Thu., Nov. 29, 6 p.m. 2012


Portlander Troy Stewart pays the bills by touring with Snow Patrol, but he also makes his own music under the Windsor Player moniker. The Windsor Player's self-titled debut is a wide-ranging record with moody songwriting, lots of country-twang flourishes, and appearances by Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, and many others. Released last year, The Windsor Player's songs haven't been performed live until recently, with Stewart helming a small run of local shows, including an opening slot for World Party's recent show and an in-store at Music Millennium on Wednesday, November 28. Tonight's early-evening show at the LaurelThirst sees the Windsor Player playing the new record in full, transforming from a studio endeavor into an impressive-sounding live band that includes Gregg Williams, Chris Schleyer, Lex Browning, Paul Brainard, Josh Crawley, and Jeff Bond. NED LANNAMANN

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