WL, Fur Coats, Polst

When: Sun., Sept. 15, 9 p.m. 2013

Following the release of their debut cassette, Hold, and a well-received set at PDX Pop Now!, WL are steadily earning the larger audience they most certainly deserve. Already well into the recording of album number two—provisionally titled Light Years, named after the 1988 René Laloux film (also known as Gandahar) for which WL provided a live soundtrack last year—the Portland trio has mastered a remarkable range of styles and dynamics, from chainsaw-buzz shoegaze to water-drop Zen stillness. Their live show, too, is one of the best in town, propelled by Stevie Sparks' phenomenal drumwork and Misty Mary's unearthly spellbinder of a voice. Continue to expect great things. NED LANNNAMANN

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