Xmas Cover Party

Larry Yes, Osama Sinatra, Dubais

When: Wed., Dec. 25, 9 p.m. 2013

Sometimes you gotta get out on Christmas. Maybe your family stinks. Maybe you have no family at all. Maybe you're Jewish. Regardless of reason, the options are often slim. Tonight, however, Larry Yes offers hope. While it's hard to say what exactly Yes & Co. have planned, or what "Xmas Covers" means, history deserves the benefit of the doubt. Yes has been hacking it out, playing and producing for the sake of it since the days of the X-Ray Café, the burgeoning seed of Portland's now-flourishing community. And as Yes' work with groups like Art of Flying and the North Pole Records crew suggests, he's into the tactile, the warm and connective. Or, just what might make Christmas. ANDREW R TONRY

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