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The Yamhill Pub is a glorious shit crater. It's a hole, a mess, a fucking dive. The walls and floors and sundry surfaces are more graffiti-ed than not, and the pub certainly came by every squiggle honestly. Plastic cups do for the dirt-cheap well drinks, and the very idea of ordering any kind of cocktail seems vastly inappropriate. The only thing that clashes with the Yamhill's perfect image of a dive is the surprisingly decent collection of taps. Even in the midst of punk squalor, Portlanders still demand a decent IPA. The Yamhill Pub is amazing. It's perfect. Never go there. You'll ruin it. JOE STRECKERT

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The Yamhill serves more Pabst than any other bar in Portland and that’s not an easy thing to do. One of the diveyest bars in town, it’s a popular hangout for workin’ guys, punks and bike messengers. Nice bartenders serve up some cheap drinks but don’t cross ‘em! The kitchen is apparently in a constant state of being “remodeled”, so don't expect much to eat.

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Happy Hour Info: Daily 4-6pm ($1 off pitchers, $2.50 well drinks).

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