Zammuto, AU

When: Mon., Nov. 5, 9 p.m. 2012

The ethereal pop melodies of the Books kept us company throughout the absurdities of the last decade. In 2010, their last album, The Way Out, encapsulated the fragmentation and post-ness of the age with surreal stories and snippets of found sounds. Then they called it quits. Now, guitarist Nick Zammuto is back with a new, self-titled band and album. Still agile, still experimental, Zammuto nevertheless has embraced a more substantial aesthetic: He sounds like a man with a band now. Does this mean the world is getting less ridiculous? Um, no. Zammuto-the-band is a conceptual antidote to the crumbling world order, a foundation of authenticity that nevertheless confronts chaos head on. Have fun while you still can, preferably while enjoying every musical genre, from acid house to Afro-funk. The heroic chorus of "Yay," the album's opener and zenith, will be stuck in your brain for days. REBECCA WILSON

Price: $12-14

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